How to get rid of stomach ache

How to Get Rid of Stomach Ache – Home and Medicinal Remedies

Stomach ache is the most frequent painful symptom in a person’s life. The aches may occur for various reasons and it is important to know that stomach ache isn’t always localized. This symptom may just tell you about the possible diseases of other organs of the body. But how to get rid of stomach ache, if it happens at night, on the road or at the weekend?

If you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, or you are a heavy smoker, if you have unhealthy dietary habits or if you are subjected to a lot of stress, you may face a variety of diseases. It’s not the rule that one suffers a stomach ache because of some affected internal organ. Location of the pain and the disease itself still need to be determined. You should tell your doctor about everything and follow his instructions. And now let’s try to figure out how to get rid of stomach ache.

Medicinal remedies for stomach ache

Today in drug stores there are a lot of analgesics and spasmolytics, which can always help you to get rid of any pain. But it is worth remembering that not every drug can simply soothe pain. The chemical composition of drugs may cause an additional damage to your body, which is already sick. A useful medicine for you can be made ​​of herbs. You can even apply to the popular methods of treatment. They are a very good solution.

Home remedies for indigestion

Everyone wants to get rid of such symptoms as vomiting, nausea and other unpleasant sensations caused by an acute disorder of the digestive system as soon as possible. Unfortunately, physicians sometimes believe that the best solution is to wait until the microorganism or a symptom disappears by itself. But eating the right food can ease the burden of expectation.

Now we’ll tell you about the food, which, according to experts, has a favorable effect on stomach problems.


Bananas have long been used to treat stomach. They contain potassium, which is necessary at vomiting and diarrhea. Also, bananas contain sugar, which fills our body with the necessary calories without causing overeating. Bananas are not very sweet, so they can not cause nausea.


Rice, just like cereals and potatoes, contains starch. It has a favorable effect on the stomach, improving digestion and removing pain. This food does not stay in the stomach too long and does not cause acid reflux that can worsen your state of health

Apple sauce

It is known that apple sauce soothes the stomach due to easy digestion, relieves the symptoms of diarrhea and fills the body with calories. Apples (especially their skins) contain pectin, which helps to eliminate constipation. If the discomfort is caused by stagnation of the stomach, the apple will certainly help. If you suffer from diarrhea you should eat some apple sauce.


A toast is a very simple dish, which doesn’t cause acid reflux. Eating it you will feel better. In contrast to a high-fat food toasts do not slow down your stomach and prevent it from discomfort. As long as the state of health isn’t good, jam and butter is better not to add.


Soups, especially the broth are very useful in disorders of the stomach. Salty liquid helps to maintain moisture. The salt increases the amount of fluid in the blood flow. But at high blood pressure a slight salted soup is better to use – this will let you to experience the maximum of benefits. If the soup is not made of fatty meat, it is easily digested and assimilated perfectly. It does not induce vomiting or acid reflux.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas which contain no caffeine may provoke the occurrence of acid reflux, but still they sooth a sick stomach. Chamomile tea is considered to be the best one. It is known that chamomile tea reduces inflammation. All kinds of herbal teas fill the body with fluid. Mint tea should not be drunk as it promotes relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter whereby the contents of the stomach and the acid penetrate into the gullet, causing the appearance of acid reflux.

There are lots of traditional methods of treatment, and this is just a small part of them. But there are such stomach aches that one can not get rid of using popular methods. Such pain as at appendicitis, peritonitis, stomach ulcer, “acute abdomen” require immediate hospitalization. In these cases one must not be given painkillers and water, as it would be difficult for a doctor to find the cause of the disease.